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Saada meile e-kirja teel:

  • Liikmeks astumise avaldus (Avalduse vorm)
  • Spordiorganisatsiooni juhatuse otsus EKTL liikmeks astumiseks vabas vormis (NÄIDE).
  • Motivatsioonikiri, mainides, mis vaated Sul on Eesti tänavaspordi arengus ning ühtlasi, mis rolli Sa sooviksid täita.


  • 15.00EUR/aastas


  • Laieneb kontaktipõld

  • Saad anda sisendit kalisteenikaspordi arengus 

  • Võimalus olla ürituskorralduse meeskonnas

  • Organisatsiooni üks esindajatest saab kuuluda nõukogusse

  • Oled kalisteenikaspordi osa alates arendamise algfaasist

    Liitumine .

    Why Joining?

    Member clubs have a say in the development of Estonian disc golf by forming the general assembly, the highest decision-making body of EDGL.

    Active members of the membership club receive a discount when participating in competitions held under the auspices of EDGL.

    The membership club and its members receive targeted offers from cooperation partners through the EDGL newsletter.

    The member club is guaranteed participation passes to major competitions, the number of which depends on the number of active members of the club. The number of members is fixed on the date indicated in the instructions for the respective competition:

    • 10 to 29 active members = one participation pass;
    • 30 to 49 active members = two participation passes;
    • 50 or more active members = three entry passes.

    Applying For Membership

    The application must contain the club’s details and a clearly expressed desire to join EDGL.
    The application must be signed and sent to .

    In the letter, in addition to the application, please send:

    • reference to the club’s Facebook or website;
    • home track and whether the club manages it or not.

    EDGL issues an invoice twice a year – in the middle and at the end of the season – to pay the subscription fee and membership fees.

    Membership fees, passive and active membership

    Each club member who joined EDGL pays a one-time membership fee of 10 euros, which entails the status of a passive member. The passive member receives a personal EDGL membership number and a bag tag with his name .

    The status can be made active at any time by announcing your wish through the board of your club and paying an annual membership fee of 10 euros*. For an active member, the participation fee is 10 euros cheaper in every competition held under the auspices of EDGL.

    * The annual fee of a club member who joined after October 1 is valid until the end of the next calendar year. The fees accepted at the general meeting are valid until the next general meeting, where the amounts of fees may be changed according to the board’s proposals.

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    Member Clubs .